INK2019 brings to you curated experiences in spaces that will awaken and inspire you like never before. For the first time, INK goes outside the ballroom, to outdoor settings in the boutique hotel, Suryagarh, as well as in unexplored spaces scattered across the golden desert. Spaces that narrate the story of human enterprise and skill, and of the indomitable spirit of its people in turning the otherwise inhospitable Thar fertile.

Imagine the world we could build together with conversations in settings that push you to go beyond. Journey with us as we share a glimpse of the venues at INK2019.

Venues at INK2019

Bada Bagh
Ever thought of plucking mangoes in a desert? Turns out, the hottest desert in the world, Thar is also the greenest; and the only one to have a mango grove! A large shaded grove, entering the Bada Bagh (6 kms north of Jaisalmer) with its aroma of fresh mangoes has you imagine the unimaginable! Across from it is a sea of the most stunningly-carved chattris or royal cenotaphs dating back to 1528, built in Jaisalmer’s signature yellow-golden sandstone, bestowing the near-flat land with a spectacular skyline.
The luxury boutique hotel of Suryagarh (13 kms from Jaisalmer) takes the path less travelled and discovers with you, secrets of a land that have been long shrouded in myth and legend. Each of its venues invokes a unique and permeating emotion of connection and tranquillity.
Amar Sagar
A green lung in the middle of the desert, Amar Sagar (12 kms from Jaisalmer) is the erstwhile palace of Maharawal Amar Singh (dated to 17th century), built next to an oasis. Complete with a stepwell and richly carved temples, Amar Sagar narrates tales seeped in history.
Mool Sagar
Ever imagined blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies in a desert? An 17th century pleasure palace of the king of Jaisalmer, Mool Sagar (16 kms from Jaisalmer), stuns you with its manicured gardens contrasted with the unending stretches of shifting sands and thorny scrub right outside its walls. Arched pavilions within its periphery make for the perfect sit-outs for reflection and rumination.