In a unique format, this year the annual INK gathering will go beyond thought-provoking talks, to include workshops, interactive sessions, and immersive experiences – with each session held outdoors.
The mornings will begin with a meditation/yoga session in the Thar with breathtaking views of the vast desert (with groups of minimum 20 people). This will be followed by multiple, intimate-group breakout sessions and workshops to ignite conversations, with 40-100 people each – perhaps at a 300-year old step-well, in an oasis, in a mango grove (the only one in the world to be in a desert!), or in an erstwhile pleasure palace of the kings of Jaisalmer. The evening sessions will be held at an exquisite lakefront stage in Suryagarh, with speakers addressing all 300+ people of the INK2019 community together.

Details on the experiences and workshops will be published shortly.

Day 1 – Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Getting together with an eclectic community, the three days at INK2019 is your chance to find a tribe to call your own. Dive into the activities planned to help you engage better with the community and find the like minded.
Lakefront, Suryagarh
Where would you be more inspired? Listening in to a commanding talk in a conference hall or engaging in a conversation with fellow thinkers under a vast, open starlit sky?
Get set to journey on ‘Within and Beyond’ with a thrilling inaugural session at the exquisite lake stage in Suryagarh, just as the sun sets.
Lakeside, Suryagarh
What is luxury? A fresh rocket salad in the desert perhaps?
Prepare to be pampered and enjoy curated gourmet delights as local chefs come together to give you an experience to revel in, by the lakeside in Suryagarh.

Day 2 – Friday, 15 Nov 2019

Kickstart your day with a session of yoga and meditation by the mesmerising Jazia oasis – a hidden gem where the calm is only interrupted by the sound of birds chirping – and reconnect with yourself.
Amar Sagar
Bada Bagh
Imagine the world we could build together with conversations in settings that push you to go beyond. Participate in interactive sessions with curated groups in unexplored and intimate settings spread across Jaisalmer – an arched pavilion in an erstwhile pleasure palace, in the shade of a mango grove, or in a large clearing amidst tall trees of jaal.
Hamlets across Jaisalmer
This unique luncheon will have you dine in hamlets in and around Jaisalmer – perhaps in a Manganiyar village, a stone masons village, a jewellers’ village – with a pot-luck lovingly prepared by the inhabitants, just for you. Discover the storied culinary heritage of Marwar as you interact with the villagers in a one-of-a-kind community dining experience.
Lounge area, Suryagarh
Ten years of our flagship programme – The INK Fellows – has given us over 200 young visionaries from across disciplines and continents. Take a look back at how far the INK Fellows have come and dive into their new, exciting projects.
(This is an optional session)
Lakefront, Suryagarh
Be a part of conversations and projects on path-breaking ideas that have the potential to change our present and redefine the future. Don the cap of a change maker, and go beyond being a listener in this special session.
Celebration Gardens, Suryagarh
Find conversations that spark wonder, as you clink glasses with your co-attendees, in a relaxing evening of great food and cocktails, capping off Day 2 of INK2019.

Day 3 – Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

Begin your day with a session of yoga and meditation at Dujasar – with 360-degree view of the near-Martian landscape surrounding it, stretching for as far as the eye goes.
Mool Sagar
Participate in interactive and hands-on workshops with curated groups in Mool Sagar – once the pleasure palace of the erstwhile Maharaja of Jaisalmer – on telling topics that will redefine our future.
Mool Sagar
Enjoy an afternoon of food, crafts and interaction at the Silk Route Bazaar in Mool Sagar, as skilled craftsmen share with you tales and techniques of the vibrant arts the region boasts of. Once the pleasure palace of the erstwhile Maharaja of Jaisalmer, it is a rare occasion that Mool Sagar stands open to the public to recreate an era long gone.

The Silk Route refers to a network of ancient trade routes connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. Extending for more than 6,500 kms, it was used to transport Chinese silk to Europe through Central Asia from the 2nd century BC.
Organic garden hall, Suryagarh
Go beyond imagined possibilities as you listen into talks by fellow thinkers and visionaries that have the power to redefine the world you live in.
Lakefront, Suryagarh
What would you want to see happen in the next few decades? Explore the latest cutting-edge ideas in technology, science, art, business and entrepreneurship, in a star-lit session at the lake stage.
Sunset Patio, Suryagarh
Spend your last evening at INK2019 connecting with your new-formed tribe, over a delectable array of food and drinks.

Day 4 – Sunday, 17 Nov 2019

Begin your day with a relaxing session of yoga and meditation at Lodurwa, amidst the golden sands of the Thar.
Organic Gardens, Suryagarh
Get together for a wrap-up session to INK2019, reflecting on the discoveries and epiphanies that came about as we journeyed ‘Within and Beyond’.