The needle has moved from an industrial economy to a creative economy, ushering us in a new era of being. In this era of abundance and exponential change, we need to reinvent ourselves in a whole new way. It is time we took a pause from the maddening pace to discover the core of our being and realign ourselves to a new future.

It is time to embark on two important journeys simultaneously – one, to travel deep within ourselves to understand our brain and body better, and a journey outward, to worlds and possibilities beyond our imagination – with an end to design a more equitable world where technology and humanity come together.


To explore 'Within and Beyond', INK is creating three magnificent days of experiences in the land where the sands meets the sky – in Jaisalmer!

Meet the most remarkable people
Join the best minds from across disciplines and across the world – scientists, technologists, artists, business leaders, social leaders – in a gathering to stimulate conversations, collaborations and foster a sense of community.
Be a part of the future to come
Discover the latest cutting edge ideas in technology, science, art, business and entrepreneurship. Engage in and spark conversations that will change and shape our future. What do you want to see happen in 2025? Explore the coming of age questions and redefine the world you live in.
Find yourself in sublime settings
Explore these questions in curated experiences set across exquisite spaces sprinkled across the award-winning boutique hotels, Suryagarh, as well as outside of it, scattered across the golden desert – with some of them being opened to public for the first time.
Go beyond being a listener
In the last nine years, INK gave you spellbinding talks. This year, as INK turns ten, we leapfrog into crafting for you an experience that goes beyond – beyond you being just listeners. At INK2019, you will be a Change maker, as you form part of interactive sessions that turn ideas into impact and ‘give as you gain’.
Form a tribe to call your own
It is not about the business cards you exchange or the deals you are going to strike; come, find your tribe or re-connect with it to embark on a timeless journey. Extend your tribe to include the local community of Jaisalmer, who, with open arms are waiting to welcome you.

Join us in Jaisalmer – to create an exciting world beyond boundaries, and discover an enlightening world within ourselves.



Within and Beyond takes you to the desert scapes of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, where the sands don a golden hue as the sun shines and turn a shimmery silver by the moonlight.

The primary setting for the INK gathering will bethe award-winning boutique hotel, Suryagarh, with exquisite spaces being especially designed to host you for the 3-days there. The unique INK2019 experience will also take you to spaces outside of the hotel, scattered across the desert; some of these being opened for the public for the very first time! Come partake in conversations and build connections in the middle of an oasis, by the lakefront, under a tree, by a stunningly carved chhattri – and take back with you a community you can call your own.

Once a medieval trading center and a princely state, Jaisalmer is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rich history, culture and architecture.The ‘Golden city’ as it is fondly called, is marked by a sprawling hilltop citadel, Sonar Kella, and the town below, both built with golden-yellow sandstone. Stunning architecture – palaces, havelis, temples, stepwells, et al– intricately carved dot the town, even as age-old cultural traditions suffuse the air with magic and experiences unparalleled.

Join us this November for three days of curated inspiration at the mesmerizing Suryagarh Jaisalmer, and explore what this evocative land has in store!